With the Ublion end user interface, you can upload your invoices. Ublion will convert them into an electronic format (UBL, Peppeol BIS) and let you correct, validate and download the electronic invoices to an directory of your choice.  You can download:

  • The origin invoice
  • The electronic invoice with a PDF invoice embedded
  • The generated generated PDF invoice with the electronic invoice embedded

End users use the user interface to get electronic invoices without a single line of code. Developers use the user interface to test Ublion and monitor the progress of the conversions of their invoices that are delivered via the API.

The interface let both end users and developers collaborate on their invoices.

Create your account

When you sign up for the Free Edition, Ublion will ask for:

  • Tenant name: this is the name of your environment. This can be anything. For example your company.
  • Tenancy name: This is the name we use for your domain URL. This should must be unique and may not contain spaces or other special characters.
  • Admin email: Your email address. We call this the Admin email as the first user manages the environment (tenant) and can create extra users or tenants. You can change the name settings once your are logged in.
  • Password: Your password.

After clicking on the Submit button, Ublion will confirm your registration and send you an email to activate your account.

Ublion Tenant signup form