The data Ublion captures

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Ublion classifies an invoice to:

  • Purchase (credit) invoice
  • Sales (credit) invoice

And it captures data and converts invoices into:

  • UBL with embedded PDF invoice
  • PDF invoice with embedded UBL
  • JSON file

Ublion captures the following data from an invoice:

Invoice headerInvoice linesDescription / text
Creditor name ID (line item number)Description / conditions
Creditor address details Product /service description
Creditor CoC Total number of products/services/line
Creditor IBAN / BIC / SWIFTNet price (excl. VAT)/product/service
Creditor VATVAT %
Debtor name Total amount of all lines excl. VAT
Debtor address detailsTotal amount incl. VAT of all lines
Delivery addressDiscounts
Invoice number
Invoice date
Total amount excl. VAT
(purchase) ordernumber

The fields shown above are supported by Ublion API. Note that not all fields are currently shown in the user interface.

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