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Users with requirements not met by the Ublion Public Cloud may instead increase their API rate limits or opt for a Private Cloud deployment option.

Ublion currently offers two Private Cloud deployment models:

  • Standard Private Cloud hosted by Ublion
  • Managed Private Cloud, either hosted by Ublion or hosted by you on a Microsoft Azure environment and operated by Ublion as a managed service

Private Cloud deployments are single-subscriber, isolated instances where none of a customer’s resources (software and infrastructure) are shared with any other tenants. This offers increased performance, stability, and availability.

Private Cloud options and comparison

Here is how the two Private Cloud deployment options compare to each other, as well as how they compare to the Ublion Public Cloud option.

Managed private cloudPrivate cloudUblion public cloud
Instance typeDedicatedDedicatedShared
Deployment locationUblion private cloud or customer owned datacenterUblion private cloudUblion public cloud
Developer environmentIsolated instance for developersAdditional tenant, same instance Additional tenant
AI modelsTailor madeTailor madeUblion
UpdatesChoice of update frequencyMonthly frequencyAutomatic
Uptime guarantee99.95% – 99.99%99.95% – 99.99%99.95%
Support24/7 helpdesk24/7 helpdeskWorking hours
Integration supportYesYesPowershell, example code
# generated invoices / hourFrom 10,000 / serverFrom 10,000 / server1,000 / environment
# generated invoices / dayFrom 240,000 / serverFrom 240,000 / server5,000 / environment
‘# generated invoices / monthFrom 7,000,000 / serverFrom 7,000,000 / server20,000 / environment
Data residencyRegion of choiceRegion of choiceBased on tenant location
Data storageFrom 1,5 TBFrom 1,5 TBOn request
Geo high availabilityAdd on availableAdd on availableNo

Data residency

Private Cloud customers can choose the region where their data is stored — any region can be used for the Private Cloud. All data will remain and be stored in the chosen region. This is crucial in instances where regulations prevent data from being sent outside the origin region.


After your purchase of the Managed Private Cloud, Ublion will host a kickoff meeting with you to begin the implementation process. We strongly recommend that this meeting occur no later than five (5) days after the contract signing.

Ublion-Hosted Managed Private Cloud

Implementation begins immediately after the kickoff meeting, and the process takes two (2) weeks. At this point, you’re ready for the Environment Handover, where your Private Cloud deployment is ready for Production use.

Customer-Hosted Managed Private Cloud

Implementation begins immediately after the kickoff meeting, and the process takes between three (3) to four (4) weeks. The specific amount of time required is highly dependent on the amount of time you need to provision your infrastructure per Ublion requirements.

At the end of the implementation process, you’re ready for the Environment Handover. Your Managed Private Cloud deployment is, at this point, ready for Production use.

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