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The Ublion APIs are build around documents and UBLs.


Documents are the invoices that you upload for processing / conversion to UBL. Ublion uses the description of the uploaded document file to recognize it.

Ublion converts a document to

  • UBL with a PDF invoice embedded
  • PDF invoice with an UBL embedded
  • JSON file

As a result, you can upload the documents / invoices by the document API service and download the electronic invoice with the UBL API service.

The flow:

Ublion API process


You can use the document API service to get meta information and / or the original document. Use the UBL API service to get the electronic invoice in different formats, e.g. Json, UBL, PDF.

A document has typically a state and a type. The state and type change automatically during the processing stages.

You find in the table below an overview of the most important API endpoints for documents and UBL. Please go to the API envionment for more information.

The document states and types are:


Go here for more information.

* Failed documents are automatically moved to auto-training (AI). Users can also correct the UBL in the end user interface.

Document states and types can be viewed / monitored from the end user interface or APIs.


Ublion supports any document. Go here for more information about invoices.

DocumentGetAllGet all invoice documents that you uploaded to Ublion.
DocumentGetModifiedDocumentsStartDate(optional): DateTime EndDate(optional): DateTimeGet the processing status of all invoice documents since your last visit or within a timeframe.
DocumentGetGuid: IdGet a specific invoice document that you uploaded toUblion.
UBLDownloadPDFGuid: IdGet a link to download the electronic invoice as PDF document, the UBL is mebedded. Note that the link is valid for only 1 minute
UBLDownloadUBLGuid: IdGet a link to download the electronic invoice as UBL document, the PDF is embedded. Note that the link is valid for only 1 minute.
UBLGetUBLDataGuid: IdGet the UBL data from a JSON file.
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