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How Ublion Universal Credits work

The Ublion Universal Credits are an easy on-ramp to the Ublion services, enabling your business to take advantage of public, private, or hybrid document processing and integration services.

Purchase Ublion Universal Credits and redeem over time. Ublion Universal Credits give you increased budget flexibility and you maintain control and visibility of your spending through your My Ublion account.

Every new customer gets 50 free credits to take a test-drive, identify needs, and find out Ublion is the right service. Then,

  • Identify your needs, then purchase Ublion Universal Cloud Credits in line with your requirements. Cloud Credits are available for purchase globally.
  • Consume Ublion services and approve the redemption of credits towards Ublion usage through the My Ublion portal.

Key benefits

  • Budget flexibility – Choose for Pay as you go or take advantage of budgeting cycles to pre-purchase cloud services, and then apply for Ublion Universal Credits when business demand dictates.
  • Cost visibility and control – IT or procurement can monitor Ublion services spending and apply for more Ublion Universal Credits strategically with a robust fund-management portal for easy planning and tracking.
  • Ease of use – Avoid spending time and money on approving individual cloud services purchases throughout the year. Manage and redeem Ublion Universal Credits in My Ublion.

Use of Ublion Universal Credits

Ublion Universal Credits can be redeemed for Ublion services including compute, storage, networking,
operating system and support.

Terms and Conditions

  • Ublion Universal Credits expire one year from the date of purchase.
  • Ublion Universal Credits can be applied to a monthly committed service plan that extends beyond the expiration date of the credit.
  • Cloud Credits can only be redeemed for Ublion offerings listed in Ublion AppStore.
  • Additional services (e.g., custom integrations, analytics, storage, support) can also be included in the Ublion service for which Ublion Universal Credits can be applied.
  • Ublion Universal Credits cannot be used for alternate vendor licensing, professional services, and advanced application support.
  • Nonredeemable services or any usage exceeding the Ublion Universal Credits available balance must be paid directly to Ublion.
  • Ublion Universal Credits must be redeemed in the currency of purchase.
  • We currently accept payments using credit cards and PayPal for Ublion Universal Credits
  • We do not offer extensions. If an account remains past due, the account will be suspended.
    • If there are no valid payment methods on file to cover an outstanding balance, the account is past due, at which point:
      • We email the account owner.
      • We place the account on hold, which prevents creating new resources.
      • The account’s existing resources continue to run.

To restore a past due account, the account owner needs to log in and pay the balance.


    • If an account continues to remain past due, we email the account owner and suspend the account, at which point:
      • We power down the account’s resources.
      • We redirect logins to the payment page.

To restore a suspended account, the account owner needs to log in and pay the balance. If an account remains suspended for 14 days, all of the account’s resources are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.


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