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Ublion is a 100% cloud service. Ublion meters all the data center resource usage and then subscribers are billed based on the metering records. We measure in hours and seconds. Ublion tries to make the service fully transparent, by enabling the ML pipeline for our subscribers. Subscribers simply monitor the document processing status. The document processing starts with 1 second and is capped on max. 20 seconds for large, complex, scanned documents. Ublion doesn’t charge additional costs or fees. This model is ideal for any organization, as they only pay for the services they use, per second or per hour.

Ublion partners implement their own cloud-enabled business model for Document AI and Integration

The usage-based billing combined with multi-tenant, self-service service catalogs, and branding -see features– enables Ublion partners to create, deliver, and manage Document AI and integration services to their customers under their own brand. Ublion just meters the usage, letting partners free to offer any pricing dimension and cloud-enabled business model. Whether Ublion partners make sales or not, they will still be free from any financial obligations.



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