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In our envisioned market model, our partners can become an a as a service provider with Ublion. Learn how to customize and apply branding to Ublion’s product.

Partners with requirements not met by the Ublion Public Cloud may instead increase their API rate limits or opt for a Private Cloud deployment option. Private Cloud deployments are single-subscriber, isolated instances where none of a customer’s resources (software and infrastructure) are shared with any other tenants. This offers increased performance, stability, and availability.



Custom Domains

Ublion allows you to map the domain for your tenant to a custom domain of your choosing. This allows you to maintain a consistent experience for your users by keeping them on your domain instead of redirecting or using Ublion’s domain.


Ublion provides several types of emails including account activation emails, verification emails, welcome emails, change password emails, breached password emails, and blocked account emails. You can customize these emails to your needs.


Ublion supports methods of translating and internationalizing various features of our products. Ublion can set up translation and handling of multiple languages.


Ublion allows you to use your own logo.


Ublion allows you to add your name to the UBL.

Editions and price

Ublion allows you to offer your own branded user consent, terms, editions and price plans to you customers. You invoice your customers and we invoice you.


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